October list

I should get my notebooks, lists, and readings in order. I’m not sure why I keep them. But for now, a shortlist of what’s in front of me:

  • In the Kindle there is Charles Bowden, Some of the Dead Are Still Breathing; Carrie Fountain, Burn Lake; Robert Ressler, Whoever Fights Monsters; Carmen Maria Machado, Her Body and Other Parties.
  • Erik Larson, The Devil in the White City, I will finish (started in July); the story of the Chicago World’s Fair and America’s first serial killer—odd pairing, good late-night reading. I will finish listening to Tayari Jones, An American Marriage.
  • A hard copy book: Blood Orchid, Charles Bowden–I will finish this too.
  • I will continue reading old notebooks and reorganizing/simplifying files.
  • I will look at my lists, go to the gym or to the river, practice yoga, and fast 16 hours a day.
  • I will plan a drive to Lost Maples.
  • I will pull the weeds, trim the cactus, make appointments, and plant chile pequin.
  • I will work with Kaya on the leash-pulling.
  • I will watch less TV!
  • And look back at lists to make sure there are no more things I have forgotten.
  • I will listen to more cello suites…