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The Canción Cannibal Cabaret

Hangin’ out with Juan, Amalia Leticia Ortiz & Kip Austin Hinton—going over the final edits for THE CANCIÓN CANNIBAL CABARET. Happy to be working on this project & can’t wait to see this beautiful book in print.

Amalia Ortiz‘s The Canción Cannibal Cabaret is a collection of post-apocalyptic prose poems and poem songs “cannibalizing” knowledge from before the fall of civilization. In performance, it is a Xicanx punk rock musical—dedicated “To all the revolutionaries…los rasquaches—all those artists who rose from the filthy and un-loved fringes to create their own meaning…”

We’re getting ready to book the fall/spring tour—email Juan Tejeda for more info at editors@aztlanlibrepress.com.

Aztlan Libre Press

Michelle Lugalia-Hollon Reads Warsan Shire’s “Conversations About Home (at the Deportation Centre)”

Now my home is the mouth of a shark, now my home is the barrel of a gun.

I’ve been working from home this week listening to and editing the recordings from the Platicás project.

At the same time, I’m revisiting old recordings we did for the Gemini Ink podcast. This is one of my favorites of Michelle Lugalia-Hollon reading Warsan Shire‘s “Conversations About Home (at the Deportation Centre).”